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Few things in life are as enjoyable as biting into a crisp apple or savoring a fresh garden salad except maybe always having them available. Built to create convenience and fresh food storage options, Ice2O® refrigerator features the Easy Access refrigerator drawer.


Maytag Commercial Technology with 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty.
Various components in all Maytag® brand appliances that have been tested in commercial settings The washer features corrosion-resistant springs, durable Microtator™, metal pulley and synthetic oil.


BPM Motor...
The new brushless motor guarantees high performance and dependability thanks to the high Maytag brand standards. Tested for 5000 complete cycles, this motor assures you a long lasting performance as well as an unexpected silence, better stability.


All range has been designed and created with precious stainless steel, splashback cooktop and a perfect slide in installation to assure you a perfect integration in your kitchen. The oven has the space to get it all done and the power to get it done fast.


IntelliSense® advanced sensor technology recognises the type of load and automatically adjusts the wash cycle and use of water, temperature and time to precisely the right level. Optimal cleaning results are ensured with the most efficient use of resources.