No.1 integrated kitchen in Germany



Meet the best hobs collection innovation.
Teka offers the widest and most attractive hob range. From high-tech induction to vitroceramic+gas or traditional gas hobs. The range includes a diverse array of special geometrical shapes, different sizes, colours and finishes.


Advand ovens offer endless benefits for cooking real meals. They have been designed to complement any modern kitchen together with the Advand microwaves and our wide range of compact appliances. You will be so proud of your kitchen, allowing you to enjoy those charming moments with friends and family.


Gently Designed.
Why spend more time than required in the kitchen? Nowadays, due to our pace of life, many delicious recipes have been created to be cooked faster in a microwave. Teka incorporates the latest technology to make your life easier, without compromising results.


Real pure air! forget about unpleasant fumes and odours in silence.
Teka has one hood for every need. Which one do you prefer? You can choose from a wide range of models: stylish island models, decorative, glass wing, country, pull-out, tubular, for corners, etc… and of course, in different sizes and colours


A SPA for your most delicate garments with maximum energy saving. Our ultimate SPA laundry range has transformed washers into meticulous apparel care appliances, evidenced by Woolmark certificate.
Balance control system optimizes clothing distribution, preventing it from becoming tangled.


Taking real care of the environment is possible due to the low energy and water consumption of Teka’s dishwashers.
Teka offers you maximum uniformity in your appliances. Ebon ovens, SPA washing machines and dishwashers all feature white Leds in their digital displays.


Cool it best.
Take real care of your health by taking care of your fresh food.
Teka refrigerators deliver outstanding performance with lower A++ energy consumption. Thanks to No Frost technology and its Antibacterial System, your food will always be kept really fresh.


Having your own chef is now possible with the Personal Cooking Assistant. 17 recipes at your fingertips. Save time and enjoy the convenience of cooking your favorite dishes with the touch of a button. Just prepare the ingredients and your personal assistant will do the job choosing the right temperature.


Teka EASY and TEPLO warmers:
Complete your kitchen´s equipment with Teka´s plate warmer, the essential partner for expert cooks.
You will provide your recipes with a professional, haute cuisine touch, and your culinary creations will be always at the perfect temperature when served.


For those who want to take one step further. For those who are not satisfied with being like the majority and want everything around them to reflect their personality and their interests. For those who, besides easy usage and precision, want to define their personal space and portray their worldview.